Hey there fellow Pioneer!
Welcome to Versus Comics.

The home of Adventure-seeking pioneers, like yourself.    

What do we do?  Why, we make comics, of course! Our Current series "The Fall of Man" starts with RANDO, our first comic, and continues the timeline from there.    

We are super excited to release our next comics,
"Rando & Frankie : SPRING BREAK" and "Trigger Happy Tsujigiri" 
at the  2018 Versus Comic Con, as well as announce some more
of our exciting charaters at Our summer release party,
held at the Seaside Convention Center. 

2018 Title Update
We are working on a ton for our 2018 campaign, we're adding the
following titles this year:

- Trigger Happy Tsujigiri 
- Rando & Frankie : Sprink Break
- Mighty Thunder Ray
- Lo'Rana and the Dreamraiders
- ESZS - Evil Succubus Zombie Slayer
- Isamu : Growing Warrior

So stay tuned...All Hell is about to break loose.
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All Things Versus
Discover the Origin Story of Rando!  And begin your journey through the "Fall of Man" timeline of Versus Comics!  

Rando is the story of a boy who is followed by darkness, and is a metaphor for the struggles of childhood isolation, and what could become the product of that.

The 2018 Versus Comic Con
Come July next year, It will be time to Party, Versus Comic Con Style, in Seaside, OR, one of the Beachin'est cities on the coast at it's very Seaside Convention Center!

You're not going to want to miss this!

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