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The first comic in our Versus Timeline,  RANDO is an origin story written and illustrated by Corveaux Millions. 

Rando is a psychological coming-of-age story about a boy name Randall, whose mom has been pretty hard on him, to the point that, Randall decides to run away from home.   In doing so, he finds himself lost in the woods, where he falls below a stump into a muddy pit that he can't escape from.   Forced to grow up isolated below his stump, Randall begins to change as the darkness begins to surround him.

32 page limited first printing (only 2000)

Beautifully illustrated cover, and detailed inside story art.  

The 2018 Versus Comic Con

Meet Mighty Thunder Ray!  He's the Mascot of our new Comic Convention here in Seaside, Oregon at the Seaside Convention Center.   It's going to be a huge party with a lot of awesome special guest artists, entertainers, writers, gamers, and we're going to be launching some special new products as well.

More news will come as we continue working on putting together a fantastic event like nothing Seaside has ever seen! 

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