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It's all about the end game here at Versus Comics, and we're looking towards the future.  We're pactically writing it, and it all starts with "Rando", our first comic published in  2017 and released at the Northwest Comic Con, which we also hosted.

"Rando" begins what we call the "Fall of Man" Timeline, or The Versus Timeline.   This timline is a skewed, but possible future depiction of characters surviving through all out armageddon.

Most of our characters are not Superheroes, but rather psychological or supernatural characters who's alignment are sketchy at best.  That being said,  you always have to have a standard to measure from, and we do have ours.  

 You'll meet "Mighty Thunder Ray"below.

We have big plans for 2018 here at Versus Comics, and one milestone we are proud to be sharing this year will be the launching of our first Versus Comic Con, where we are going to have another huge party just like we did for Rando, but this time we have something very special planned as it will be Luna's debut as a creator, co-writing "Trigger Happy Tsujigiri", our first planned limited series.

Lastly, we're SUPER proud to announce the VOID.  Our online catalog of independent comics,  It just came to us...and we were like...duh.

We have a few more surprises planned for this year, but let's leave some of the cookies in the bag, eh?  

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