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Here you will find the comics published by VERSUS COMICS, and other great publishers and artist.   The VOID is ever growing, so keep up to date on the titles we add!   This is where you can find more about our books and works by selecting the featured title below, or by clicking the "View Entire Catalog" button at the top to find more Merch and cool Versus Swag!

Corveaux Millions
Rando is a psychological suspense-filled coming of age story about a boy who would become the man named "Rando".

Trigger Happy Tsujigiri
Corveaux Millions
Luna Millions
The Saga of Sorin and the 9 Lonely devils.   First Issue  in a 10 part Series and Epilogue 1 of the Versus Timeline!

FORTE: Song of Hope
Toytime Books
Corveaux Millions
In the distant future, long after the Epoch, the last city of humanity struggles to find hope in it's last days.  The evil corporation Paragon tries to swallow the city in its clutches.
Zettai Productions
Nate Odger
Join the fight along-side Robobagglar!  The Ultimate Radition Bot!  A parody with a sense of humor coming out of Austrailia's own Nate Odger!

  Versus Comics
  Who is 
We're Versus Comics...The other side of Comics.  

The side that gets hidden away at conventions and tradeshows, lurking in swap meets for the next interested comic conisuier to come along, so we can "Snatch them Up" and haul them off to our world!

That's Right!  We're an independent Comic Publisher, too! You'll find our works lurking in the VOID as well.  We are constantly working on new titles to show the world in the ever expanding Versus Timeline, which starts with the book "Rando", written and illustrated by our founder Corveaux Millions.   

With his wife, Luna, they formed VERSUS COMICS out of the love of story-telling,  but also to change the face of the comic book industry as we know it.

You'll only find one Superhero in a Versus Comics comic...
Here's a little of how we got started.
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Here's what in store for the future of Versus Comics!
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The 2018 Versus Comic Con 
Tha'ts right!  We're throwing a huge party,
and we're inviting everyone.

July 21st and 22nd we're going to turn the beachside city of Seaside, Oregon into a giant costume party as we file everyone into the Massive Seaside Convention Center for two awesome days of Comic Book Convention Favorites such as Guest Celebrities, Artists, Cosplay, Vendors, Games, Prizes, Swag
 and More!

What are you waiting for? Get your tickets today, and let's go have some fun!
Enter the V.O.I.D.
 There's nothing better than comics...
except new original comics from independent creators!

That's why we're opening a portal to the VOID here at Versus, and we're going to trying to pull out as many unknown, up-and-coming,
and established publishers to share with you and the rest of the world.

It's our mission to see comics in the hands of everyone, and someone's created a comic just for you, and we're going to find them! But, you never know, we might have already!
     What We've Got in the Works!
Ah, we've piqued your interested a little?
Like what we're working with
in our brain departments, eh?  

Well guess what?
We've got more to show you!

Wanna see what we're working with when it comes to putting out killer stories?  Check out the future of Versus Comics publsihing, and all the great titles that we offer and are working on

Be sure to pick up your copy of RANDO!
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We typically try to respond to all inquiries and requests within (24) hours of the time we receive them.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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First the rules.
Versus Comics does not accept digital submissions.
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Submissions can sometimes take up to (90) days for us to get to,
so if you don't hear back, it's not cuz we don't believe in ya,
it's cuz we're busy, and we're moving as fast as we can.

Now that you've packaged up your work,
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